A mixture of chemicals used in an atttempt to unplug a clogged drain at a grocery store sent two people to the hospital and caused authorities to close the store for about two hours Saturday morning.

West Valley Fire Battalion Chief Jeff Scharman said firefighters responded to a call at Food 4 Less grocery store, 15th West and 35th South in West Valley City, about 7:45 a.m. on what was originally thought to be a sulfuric acid spill.Instead, they found that a mixture of muratic acid and drain cleaner had been poured down a clogged sink in the back of the store, which created a "toxic corrosive gas," said West Valley fire engineer Walt Schanvel.

Two employees were taken to Pioneer Valley Hospital for respiratory problems resulting from breathing the toxic fumes. Brent Buckley, 29, of West Valley City, and June Fuell, 30, of Kearns, were treated and released, a nursing supervisor said.

Scharman said the store was closed to the public from the time firefighters arrived until about 9:45 a.m. because of the fumes. Firefighters diluted the mixture by flushing the drains and sinks in the store. County health officials also responded and determined that none of the food in the store was contaminated, he said.

"The problem is when you mix different cleaning products, sometime you can have an explosive or a dangerous combination," said Schanvel. "Any household cleaner, you should not mix together."