After a lengthy debate Tuesday, the City Council voted 3-2 to approve the appointment of an Orem man to the newly created position of directer of city services. But the heated discussion about the procedures used in the selection process appears to have been for naught.

By Thursday, the appointee, Gary Spencer, informed Mayor Kent Evans he would be unable to accept the position due to personal considerations. Evans said he had not yet received a letter from Spencer explaining his reasons for turning down the appointment.Evans said the council would hold an executive session Monday evening to discuss what direction to take in light of this development.

During Tuesday's council meeting a number of residents objected to the fact that the job opening had not been advertised in the local weekly newspaper.

Evans said a five-member search committee formed in September (made up of City Council members and city employees) advertised the position and reviewed the applications received for the job.

Evans said four to seven residents from American Fork had applied and been interviewed for the position.

"According to the information we had, the search committee felt he (Spencer) was the best candidate, and unanimously reached this decision," Evans said.

Spencer is a retired Air Force colonel and former base commander. He has a master's degree in organizational behavior, a bachelor's in communication and one year's education in maintenance of city infrastructures, Evans said.

"He had pretty good credentials and job-related experience," Evans said.

Evans said the position of director of city services was created to provide better efficiency -particularly in planning and organization - in city services.

According to an organizational chart prepared by City Recorder Dick Colborn, the director of city services will supervise a new physical facilities department; the engineering, streets and roads department; and the water and sewer departments.