A 6-year-old girl told rescuers, "It hurts all over," while she was trapped for 71/2 hours in a mudslide that crushed her family's car and killed her mother, authorities said.

The family was taking a drive to see the snow when "the whole mountain seemed to come down" on their car, Coos County Sheriff's Deputy Dave Nelson.The child's father, Michael Perry Edwards, 24, was freed from the wreckage a short time after Sunday afternoon's accident by a search and rescue team that happened to be on a training exercise in the area, Nelson said. He was treated for minor injuries.

Tasha Edwards was taken to Bay Area Hospital on Sunday night after the rescue on a steep, muddy hillside 100 feet above the rain-swollen south fork of the Coos River. She was listed as stable Monday with a broken leg.

Her 24-year-old mother, Vera Anne Edwards, was pronounced dead at the scene.