President Reagan said Sunday he is looking into the possibility of giving a full pardon to publishing heiress Patty Hearst, who was convicted of bank robbery in 1976.

Reagan and a group of other Californians, including the late actor John Wayne, mounted a campaign for her clemency soon after her conviction. On Jan. 19, 1979, President Jimmy Carter commuted Hearst's sentence after she served 23 months of a seven-year sentence.Asked whether before he leaves office he will pardon Hearst, daughter of San Francisco newspaper publisher Randolph Hearst, Reagan said: "I've asked everybody to look into this for me."

Ben Jarrett, assistant White House press secretary, said later the Justice Department's pardon section was looking into the appeal and apparently has not yet made a recommendation.

Hearst became eligible for a full pardon, the presidential seal of forgiveness, when her prison sentence expired.