Jay Leno, Corbin Bernsen and Ed McMahon were among the 250 celebrities and friends who honored NBC entertainment president Brandon Tartikoff at a surprise 40th birthday party at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

Tartikoff was flown by helicopter into the stadium Sunday where he was met by a marching band and Leno, who was host of a "This is Your Life, Brandon Tartikoff" tribute.Among the stars cheering in the stands were McMahon, Bernsen and his wife, actress Amanda Pays; Bernsen's fellow "L.A. Law" actor Harry Hamlin and his wife, Laura Johnson of ABC's "Heartbeat"; Justine Bateman and Michael Gross of "Family Ties"; George Wendt and John Ratzenberger of "Cheers"; Anthony Dennison, Susan St. James, Sandy Duncan and Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda.

The party was arranged by Tartikoff's wife, Lilly.