Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis will end up with either 19 or 20 delegates from Monday's Utah Democratic caucuses, party Executive Director Blaze Wharton said Wednesday.

Dukakis has already gotten the endorsement of three Utah super delegates: Party Chairman Randy Horiuchi; Rep. Wayne Owens, D-Utah; and national committeewoman Norma Matheson.The Rev. Jesse Jackson has three Democratic delegates, said Wharton. "There is a chance that Jackson could get one more if he gets 15 percent of the vote out of the 1st Congressional District. He is at 14 percent now with a couple of little counties not reporting yet. You have to have 15 percent of the vote or more in each congressional district to qualify for delegates from that district," Wharton said. Thus the uncertainty over whether it is 19-4 for Dukakis or 20-3 for Dukakis, Wharton said.

About 92 percent of the Democratic mass meetings have reported in. The others probably are reporting by mail, not by telephone, and so the final count won't be known for several days. Dukakis got more than 70 percent of the vote, Jackson 17-18 percent. The latest count is 7,205 for Dukakis, 1,711 for Jackson, 1,211 uncommitted, 57 for Sen. Albert Gore, 37 for Sen. Paul Simon and 61 for various other people.