Georgetown basketball coach John Thompson on Friday said he would walk off the court as soon as today's game against Boston College starts to protest the new NCAA rule on scholar-ships.

"I don't want to threaten anybody. I don't want to give any ultimatums," Thompson said. "But when the ball goes up, I intend on getting up off the bench and walking out."Thompson said he might boycott more than one game and said assistants Mike Riley and Craig Esherick would coach in his absence.

Thompson is protesting proposal No. 42, approved at the NCAA convention in San Francisco on Wednesday, which will prevent high school students who meet only part of the NCAA's entrance criteria from receiving scholarships their first year in college. The minimum criteria are a 2.0 grade-point average in a core curriculum and minimum score on one of two standardized entrance examinations.

Under Proposition 48, which has been in effect three years, a student could gain an athletic scholarship by meeting just part of the standards - either the minimum grade-point average or a passing score on the entrance exams.

Thompson complained that the minimum standards on college entrance examinations treat low income youths unfairly.

Thompson stopped short of calling the NCAA racist but said, "I feel it is a discriminatory thing."