Employees at the Davis Area Vocational Center in Kaysville will begin receiving time-and-a-half compensation for overtime worked during a pay period, under guidelines approved Tuesday by the center board.

Director Jack Shell said the policy change is required to bring the center into compliance with federal guidelines issued by the Department of Labor.In the past, employees working more than 40 hours a week were granted compensatory leave at a rate equal to the extra time worked.

Shell said the center has been ordered to restructure its policy to conform with federal guidelines. If a person works more than 40 hours in a work week, he must be granted immediate leave at the time-and-one-half rate prior to the end of the current pay period or pay the employee time-and-one-half for the extra work.

The board approved the change but many members indicated they did not like the extra leave provisions.

In other business, the board ratified a state agreement to charge students tuition at the rate of 55 cents per instructional hour. This would mean a full-time student carrying a 30 hour-per-week class load would pay about $60 per month. Shell said the state had originally recommended charging 53 cents per hour but agreed on 55 cents when several area vocational centers indicated the added two cents would provide greater economic benefits for those students using federal loans to finance their schooling. Shell said the extra money would not benefit Davis center students using government loans, but four of the six state centers would benefit.

The board also approved spending up to $5,200 for three flag poles that will be placed in front of the school. The center will fly the American flag, the Utah flag and a center flag on the poles. Shell said a firm cost figure, not to exceed $5,200, will be submitted to the board at its May meeting.

The purchase of two new cars for the center two Chevrolets costing a total of $19,400 was also approved. Shell said the center will make the purchase using a state contract with Riverton Motors.