Shaggy stuffed dogs "raised" a $5,475 donation for the Humane Society of Utah, according to Katherine Brant, director of development.

The money was gathered from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31 at a "Shaggy Dog" promotion at Salt Lake ZCMI stores, where purchase of a $12.99 stuffed dog included an automatic 50-cent donation to the society. During two weeks of the promotion, Humane Society cats and dogs were featured in the store's display windows, and 80 of them found homes.Brant said the organization takes in between 75 and 150 animals a day. "The $5,475 ZCMI presented us will be used to help care for and feed the many animals in our shelter," said Brant, "and we will continue to come up with ways to place even more animals in real homes."