SB98 (Hillyard) - Regulates which traffic lanes heavy trucks can use.

SB99 (Hillyard) - Increases the penalties for littering on highways.

SB100 (Cornaby) - Changes stock shareholder rights.

SB101 (Farley) - Removes the state's portion of the sales tax on food over four years.

SB102 (Cornaby) - Increases the amount of federal income tax deductible on state income tax returns from one-third to two-thirds.

SB103 (Hillyard) - Redefines goals of the Utah Foundation for Educational Excellence.

SB104 (Pace) - Exempts payment of employment taxes for certain private duty nurses.

SB105 (Swan) - Allows a partial credit against state income taxes for federal earned income credit.

SB106 (Barton) - Reduces tax penalties.

SB107 (Cornaby) - Removes the limitation on the amount of retirement benefits judges can earn.

SB108 (Cornaby) - Bases a judge's retirement benefit on his final salary and increases the benefit formula.

SB109 (C.E. Peterson) - Provides for better administrative rules oversight.

SB110 (Barlow) - Sunsets certain sales tax exemptions.

SB112 (Barlow) - Enacts the collision damage waiver model act of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

SJR3 (Barlow) - Commends local school boards for studying the possibility of school district reorganization.


HB125 (Oscarson) - Exempts recycled materials from certain motor carrier regulations.

HB126 (White) - Exempts sexually explicit materials used in the treatment of criminal offenders from criminal statutes.

HB127 (Ostler) - Clarifies the relationship between the director of the Human Resource Management and Agency Personnel director.

HB128 (Protzman, Davis) - Provides for the licensing of radiology technologists and radiology practical technicians.

HB129 (Atkinson) - Provides that specified contracts for surrogate parenthood arrangements are null and void.

HB130 (Fuller) - Designates English as the official language of the state.

HB131 (Halverson) - Establishes a computerized prescription information system for the Department of Health.

HB132 (Dmitrich) - Allows taxis, buses and limousines to obtain special use permits for the consumption of alcohol by passengers.

HB133 (R.H. Hunter) - Requires administrative agencies to file a regulatory flexibility analysis form when proposing rules affecting small businesses.

HB134 (Bodily) - Requires a water conservancy district to publish certain information annually in a newspaper.

HB135 (Burningham) - Regulates unsolicited telephone calls to residential telephone numbers.

HB136 (Yardley) - Eliminates authority for county clerks to provide by-mail registration forms to counties and other interested organizations.

HB137 (Young) - Increases credit given for good behavior of incarcerated misdemeanor offendants.

HB138 (Christensen) - Requires 20 percent of revenues derived from mineral leases on wildlife lands be deposited in the Land Grant Maintenance Account.

HB139 (Lewis) - Makes technical amendments to the Notary Public Reform Act.

HB140 (Lewis) - Amends provisions of the real estate statutes on conveyances.