Relatives of an Air Force pilot killed in the 1986 U.S. raid on Libya said Saturday they don't trust Moammar Gadhafi and want an autopsy performed on the body to be certain it is the flier's.

The Air Force telephoned the Ribas Dominici family in Puerto Rico on Friday night to inform them the body released by Libya had been identified in Italy as that of Fernando Ribas Dominici. The 33-year-old airman was killed during the April 15, 1986 raids on Libya."After getting over this shock, we have asked the Pentagon for a complete autopsy to know the cause of his death," " said the slain pilot's brother, Salvador. He said he also wants a family doctor to certify whether it is Ribas Dominici's body.

The pilot was the youngest of six brothers. Fernando Ribas Dominici also left a wife, Blanca, and a son, also named Fernando, who is now 7 years old. They live in Austin, Texas.

Ribas Dominici said the family has doubts because of a Libyan television report and pictures of the body when it was found, three months after the raid. The broadcast said the body had been washed ashore and identified it as Lorence's.

"No body is in good condition after floating in the water for three months," said Ribas Dominici.

Ribas Dominici said his 87-year-old father had not been told of the development because he is ill. "This is like reliving a sad episode," he said.