Midvale City Council members want to look at how the city transfers beer licenses when a business is sold.

Under current ordinances, Class C beer licenses are revoked if a business is sold, but if it is a corporate transfer through the sale of stocks it is not, Mayor Everett Dahl told council members.Dahl said current ordinances are unclear about exactly how such transfers can be made.

Four businesses currently are granted the license in the city. Councilwoman JoAnn B. Seghini said the city should allow a transfer of the license when businesses are sold, but she wants to make sure that new owners understand rules for handling liquor.

"We must have some degree of rigor in the ordinances," she said.

City Attorney Marty Pezely was instructed to "clean up and clarify" the ordinance.

The council also looked at city department preliminary 1988-89 budgets and projected city revenues of $3,386,300. The city plans to pare the department requests this week to match expected reductions in federal programs and tax revenues, said David R. Colvin, city administrator. This year the city budgeted for $3,616,734 in revenues.