A foul-up in mailing invitations to many Utah VIPs may prevent them from attending the most popular events at George Bush's inauguration next week.

A computer disk with many of their names and addresses was misplaced, so they weren't sent invitations promptly by the inaugural committee in Washington, said Bonnie Stephens, the Utah chairwoman for the inauguration committee."They've been told that new invitations will be held at will-call in Washington," she said.

But the trouble is that the invitations were needed in hand before VIPs could buy tickets to many of the inaugural events - such as dinners, balls and pageants - besides the swearing-in. Meanwhile, people from other states who received invitations bought up all the tickets reserved for VIPs to some of the most popular activities.

"Some of the tickets were gone before the correction was made, mainly to the gala (a live TV program with a wide array of singers and actors, including the Mormon Tabernacle Choir) and the parade. Tickets to them were limited anyway," Stephens said.

Reid Ivins, administrative assistant to Rep. Howard Nielson, R-Utah, said his staff has been trying to obtain remaining tickets for VIPs and other Utahns coming to the inauguration.

Since most events had some tickets reserved for VIPs with invitations and other tickets reserved for the general public, Ivins said his staff may be sent to stand in line for the general public tickets when they are first distributed this weekend.

"They begin distributing them Sunday morning. So we may have some people stand in line all night for them," he said.

For exactly whom will they be seeking tickets? "Well, for example, we had a request to get tickets to the gala, if possible, for members of the governor's party," Ivins said.