Three "skinhead" members of a neo-Nazi youth gang were sentenced Friday to prison terms ranging from three to seven years for attacking a homosexual man in a Laguna Beach park.

"It's not your politics being punished here but your behavior," Superior Court Judge David H. Brickner told the men during sentencing in the highly publicized gay-bashing case.Stephen Walther, 18, John Michael Moore Jr., 23, and Aaron Fred-rick Compean, 19, all of Huntington Beach, were acquitted of attempted murder charges on Dec. 1 but were convicted of assault with a deadly weapon.

Walther was sentenced to four years in prison, Moore to four years and eight months, and Compean to seven years for the July 14, 1988, attack on Robert Thomas Joyce at the city's Heisler Park.

Joyce, 48, suffered serious injuries at the hands of the attackers. Compean's use of a lead pipe was the reason for the lengthier sentence.

The three had been roaming the Laguna Beach park in search of gay men to attack when they confronted Joyce, said Orange County Deputy District Attorney Thomas Avdeef, who won imposition of maximum sentences.