A band of highway robbers who have stolen more than $300,000 from women driving luxury sedans has struck again, twice in one night, police said Friday.

Thursday night, a man and two women were robbed after parking their Mercedes-Benz near a park, and a woman was accosted as she pulled her Mercedes into her garage at her Encino home and was shot at several times. She was not hurt.Police said there have been at least 29 such robberies, netting the thieves more than $300,000 in jewelry, cash and other valuables.

Most of the victims have been women, ages 40 to 70, driving alone, usually in a Mercedes. The robbers follow their targets home and confront them as they park their cars.

The robberies began in early December and "appear to be increasing on a daily basis," Detective Robert Tapia said.

A 33-year-old woman escaped injury Thursday night when she was shot at at her home as she pulled into her garage, Detective Steve Hooks said. She jammed her 1988 Mercedes-Benz into reverse and roared out of the garage as the gunman fired several shots at her.

The gunman fled in a light blue Ford Merkur, the same vehicle described by victims of previous robberies, Hooks said.