Senate Bills introduced:

SB113 (Carling) - Provides clarifications and technical amendments to state laws regarding the interception of certain communications.

SB114 (Steele) - Amends proof of security provisions regarding the suspension of licenses held by persons younger than 21.

SB115 (McMullin) - Prohibits municipalities from annexing territory to provide utility services and requires municipalities to reimburse utilities for investment value and taxes lost when territory is annexed.

SB116 (Pace) - Establishes a reduced ceiling for the tax levy authorized to fund school district debt serve and capital outlay.

SJR4 (Nielsen) - Fixes the compensation for legislative in-session employees.

SR2 (Cornaby) - Revises Senate rules.

House Bills introduced:

HB143 (Ellertson) - Amends the effective date for victim reparation claims.

HB144 (Harward) - Authorizes the Department of Human Resource Management to establish a flexible spending account program for state employees.

HB145 (R. Mont Evans) - Provides that the victim of a criminal offense may be present for the prosecution of the offense.

HB146 (Dmitrich) - Extends the sunset date for the sales tax exemption for mining equipment.

HB147 (Knowlton) - Appropriates $1.4 million for the construction and improvement of access roads to state parks and roads and parking areas within state parks.

HB148 (Olsen) - Exempts irrigation equipment and supplies from sales tax.

HB149 (Harward) - Grants the Administrative Rules Review Committee interim committee powers.

HR4 (Burningham) - Adds economic development as a standing committee.

HJR8 (Brown) - Clarifies and restricts the use of motor vehicle and motor fuel taxes and fees.

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