People use a lot of words to describe the music of Glenn Danzig, some of which can't be printed in a family newspaper.

But Danzig and his band of the same name - a band that puts a new is turning a lot of heads these days. To quote a publicist's version, "Danzig reflects the controlled yet manic intensity of their supercharged live performances, and will stay with you long after your ears have stopped ringing."In fact, it's every bit as ear-crunching as heavy metal, but Danzig puts a different twist on it: The lyrics give you something to reflect on, a "thinking man's band."

Danzig will bring it's high-octane show to the Speedway on Friday.

The band has just released "Danzig" on Rick Rubin's new Def American Records label. The band also includes John Christ on guitar, Eerie Von on bass and Chuck Biscuits (formerly of the Circle Jerks and Black Flag) on drums.

Danzig, formerly with The Misfits and Samhain, assembled the band two years ago as an outlet for his personal vision, as well as a vehicle for more melodic music.

Danzig's music has been recorded by a host of legendary performers, from Roy Orbison to Metallica. His music and lyrics often reflect his fascination with pagan religions.