Unlucky Friday the 13th, or lucky Friday the 13th. It all depends on your outlook.

Peggy Aranda and her son, Tyrone, both of Layton, believe the day is just great. In fact, they regard it as one of their best. And it came up again this week.Peggy was born on Friday, Jan. 13, in England. A midwife came to her family's home, 113 Sandy Lane, in the little community of East Derheham, North Fork, and assisted her birth.

Peggy grew up with some superstitions and some teasing about her birthdate, but she mainly only recalls happy experiences associated with the day.

She said about the best thing that happened to her on her birthday came 22 years after her own birth when she gave birth to Tyrone.

Not only was he born on Friday, Jan. 13, but he was born in the same home in which his mother had been born - yes, the one with the 113 address.

Tyrone was delivered in the same bed as his mother. Not only that, but the same midwife delivered them both.

Luck? Coincidence? Quirk of fate? Neither is sure. Tyrone said his mother definitely is the more superstitious of the two, but neither claims to put much credence in good or bad luck - or in tales often associated with the superstitious.

Peggy remembers a few of those tales. Her own mother passed on some traditional ones to her as a child.

No walking under ladders. No shoes on the table. No open umbrellas in the house. If salt is spilled, toss a little over your left shoulder.

"During any storm she always covered all the mirrors in the house," Peggy said of her mother.

Peggy isn't sure why her mother did all the those things; they were just a part of life.

Like playing in the graveyard.

It was common for the village children to use the local cemetery for games of hide and seek. The head stones were more fun to hide behind than they were scary, especially in the dark.

When Tyrone visited England as a child, he remembers, he romped with playmates in a cemetery near his home. And he remembers a church and a ghost.

The ghost was reported to be that of a young woman who died during her wedding ceremony and now haunts the church.

Haunting buildings isn't the only activity of ghosts. And not only ghosts get involved.

Peggy said she received a clipping from the local newspaper reporting the appearance of a new ghost roaming the hills near her parents' home.

It seems her father had been out late walking the dogs, unknown to the neighbors. He thought the ghost story was so funny that he didn't bother to dispel the myth.

Despite the ghosts and goblins and old wives' tales, Peggy and Tyrone both like their birth date. Each year they and their spouses go out to dinner and celebrate. Well, two years they didn't. Tyrone was in the hospital those two years, but doesn't attribute that to Friday the 13th.

This year wasn't to be different. Tyrone was to take the family to a smorgasbord Friday where everyone could wish everyone else the best of luck for 1989.