The Salt Lake Winter Games Organizing Committee is hoping to raise $50,000 in the next 10 days in its effort to bring the 1998 Winter Olympics to Salt Lake City.

The organization's finance subcommittee has identified 30 to 40 businesses that are likely contributors to the effort and has raised roughly $2,500, said Mike Zuhl, chief of staff for Salt Lake Mayor Palmer DePaulis."Our target is (eventually) to raise in cash about $200,000 and perhaps some in-kind contributions over and above that," Zuhl said. The money will go toward drafting a bid for the Games to give to the U.S. Olympic Committee in June.

DePaulis said Thursday he still wants to pay for the bidding process with private money, although in a meeting this week Lt. Gov. Val Oveson said some state money should be sought.

DePaulis wants a resolution of support for the Olympics from the Legislature, but Oveson wants the resolution and a financial commitment from both the Legislature and cities along the Wasatch Front.

If the city is selected by the USOC as the U.S. bidder, Salt Lake City will then go before the International Olympic Committee in 1991 to vie for the Games.