Police dispatchers want a raise and the City Council is considering giving them one.

The council has tabled the issue so police administration can gather more information about the proposed 10 percent pay raise. Bountiful Police Lt. Don Taylor said that the department has had problems both retaining and recruiting dispatchers because of low wages. The most senior dispatcher, Karin Solomon, has only been on the job for 21/2 years.City Manager Tom Hardy said a survey of 10 cities in Davis County showed the current wage scale is lower than the city's policy of keeping wages in the top 30 percent of Davis County municipalities. Police have suggested that the starting wage be raised from $7.30 an hour to $8.05 an hour. Wages after 20 years of service would rise from $11.91 to $13.12 an hour.

Council members wanted police administrators to find out where the $5,000 for the pay raise would come from it it is passed before the next budget year.