The Army has prepared a three-volume environmental impact statement on its overall chemical weapons destruction program, but it also must complete a statement for each proposed destruction site before incinerator construction can begin at that location.

Marilyn Tischbin, spokeswoman for the disposal program, said the Army hopes to get a draft statement for Tooele Army Depot out for public review and comment by early April. The law requires a 45-day comment period.Officials hope to complete the final Tooele statement by mid-June and begin construction of the incinerator facility in late June, she said.

The law does not require a public hearing, but the Army generally holds one if the public expresses enough interest, Tischbin said.

People wishing to request a hearing for the Tooele project should write to Office of the Program Manager for Chemical Demilitarization, Attention: SAIL-PMI, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21010-5401, or call (301) 671-2583.