Associate Attorney General Francis A. Keating II said Friday he will not be reappointed to the Justice Department's No. 3 position in the new administration.

Deputy Attorney General Harold G. Christensen, a native Utahn, is also expected to be replaced, the sources said.Keating said he was informed Thursday of the decision, which had been made jointly by Attorney General Dick Thornburgh and the transition team for President-elect Bush.

Thornburgh "has a right to his own team. I would do the same if I were him," said Keating, a former assistant treasury secretary who became associate attorney general last spring.

Department sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said most presidential appointees below the rank of attorney general in the Justice Department are expected to be replaced in the Bush administration.

No decision on replacing Keating has been made, department sources said. Thornburgh is studying whether to completely abolish the position or to have two associates, one to supervise criminal investigations and the other to oversee civil litigation, sources said.