Libya charged Friday that U.S. jet fighters buzzed one of its civilian airliners over the Mediterranean en route from Tripoli to Istanbul.

The fighters came from the USS John F. Kennedy, but a Navy spokeswoman denied they buzzed the aircraft.A Libyan Airlines Boeing 707 had just left Tripoli airspace Tuesday when the captain saw a U.S. fighter plane flying past and then behind his aircraft, said the official Libyan news agency JANA, monitored by the British Broadcasting Corp.

Moments later, two U.S. fighters appeared and flew alongside the airliner at a distance of about 10 miles for 14 minutes, JANA said.

In Washington, Navy spokeswoman Lt. Janet Mescus denied American warplanes buzzed the airliner but said U.S. fighters from the carrier USS John F. Kennedy may have flown alongside the craft to obtain visual identification.