Tommy Durden, 69, is still living on the royalties from "Heartbreak Hotel," the Elvis Presley hit he wrote with Mae Boren Axton 33 years ago. "When Elvis sang `Heartbreak Hotel,' if I didn't know the words I don't think I would have recognized my own song," Durden told the Detroit News. "Evidently, it is a better song than I thought it was when I wrote it." Durden found his inspiration when he read a newspaper story about a man who committed suicide and left a note saying, "I walk a lonely street." He took the idea to Axton, the mother of country singer Hoyt Axton, and 22 minutes later they had a hit. Durden said he kept writing songs over the years but never came close to duplicating his original success. "I have given it a lot of thought," he said. "I have come to the conclusion that the Good Lord only allows one `Heartbreak Hotel' to the customer."