Was it a real threat or merely a bluff when Granite and Salt Lake school districts claimed inequities in the proposed realignment would keep their high schools from participating with the Utah High School Activities Association?

We'll never know, since the realignment was amended to the districts' satisfaction prior to being approved Wednesday."We don't have to worry about it now," said David Richards, Region 3 chairman.

"It might have been a bluff," admitted Granite School District President Lynn Davidson. Of course, it was Davidson who, in the middle of heated debate Wednesday, declared the initial proposal as "not acceptable . . . We will not participate in any circumstance in this realignment if it passes."

It did pass - with Regions 2 and 3 becoming a three-division mega-league, with teams playing opponents within their league annually and non-division opponents once every three years.

This was the arrangement that Davidson and others had proposed, to help balance the lumping of two of Granite's smaller schools - Skyline and Olympus - in with Jordan District heavyweights such as Alta, Brighton and Hillcrest.

Davidson said he came up with the multi-division approach while watching an NFL game on TV, realizing that pro football's divisonal approach to scheduling could be adapted to resolve some differences in the 4A.

Rather than have two smaller 4A schools become a pair of athletic pushovers against five larger-sized schools, Davidson said the three-division approach to athletic scheduling would help even up the competition an increased number of opponents spread over a three-year period.

A school would face each of its divisional foes, plus several randomly selected non-division opponents from the two-region confeerence.

Davidson and others were so serious about the threat-bluff that they had drawn up a "Region II/III MetroConference" - Region II comprised of East, Highland, Skyline, Olympus and Cottonwood; Region III including Taylorsville, Granger, Cyprus, Kearns and 1990 addition Hunter.

The divisonal scheduling that was to involve two divisions now will be expanded to three, with the five Jordan-area schools being added as a separate division. Final details of the divisions and scheduling still need to be worked out, but at least the arrangement has the blessing of the UHSAA.