Establishment of the Utah Engineering Network means Utah businesses needing an engineer can quickly find one who has graduated from any of three Utah universities.

Formation of the network was announced Thursday by Gov. Norm Bangerter in the University Park Hotel. University of Utah President Chase N. Peterson, Brigham Young University President Jeffrey Holland and Utah State University President Stanford Cazier were on hand for the festivities.Bangerter said the program will create a computerized database of professional career information on approximately 16,000 graduates from the three schools. Participating companies seeking to fill engineering positions will give the network information on job requirements, which will be matched with career data supplied by interested alumni.

"The program will help Utah employers locate qualified engineers more readily and widen the job horizons for the state's engineering alumni. Primarily, we want to help Utah employers, both large and small, find the engineering people they need," said Bangerter.

The network was created in response to requests from Utah's high-tech industry for a more efficient method of recruiting engineers for jobs in Utah, especially at the mid-career and senior levels.

Assistance came from the Utah Department of Community and Economic Development and the three universities and several businesses agreed to help.

Fees will be charged on a sliding scale, depending upon the requirements of individual companies. For both large and small companies there will be no fee charged when the network fails to supply the names of any prospective employees.

Lynn H. Blake, director of business creation for the department, said the network's first-year budget will be $100,000, of which the state is supplying $35,000. In the future, the network is expected to support itself entirely from user fees.

Blake said the network was modeled after the successful Stanford University program, which has operated for several years on a national and university-wide scale.

Utah companies endorsing the network are Boeing, Evans and Sutherland, E-Systems Montek Division, General Dynamics Hercules Iomega Litton Systems Inc. McDonnell Douglas Pacificorp/Utah Power & Light Co. Questar Morton Thiokol TRW BP Minerals Williams Research Volvo/White/General Motors and Teleflex.