Chevrolet should dump its "Heartbeat of America" campaign in favor of a new ticker, Adweek says.

The advertising trade magazine placed the campaign at the top of its "Worst in the Midwest" in this week's issue. It was one of 19 recipients in the magazine's Seventh Annual Badvertising Awards of 1988."Prognosis? Hearbeat'll be history in '89," the magazine said. "We're in the third year of `Heartbeat;' is there a cardiologist in the house?"

The advertising agency that developed the award-winning campaign wasn't amused.

"I think that's nonsense," said Dick O'Connor, chairman of Lintas: Campbell-Ewald in Warren. "They're entitled to their opinion and they can print what they want, but facts are facts and the fact is, Chevy is coming on strong."

O'Connor said the 3-year-old campaign, which has won more than 100 awards, including the Clio, the Oscar of the ad industry, would not be dropped this year.

Heading the list in the magazine's Badvertising awards were last year's presidential campaigns.

"As the self-professed candidates of competence, Michael Dukakis staked his hopes on some conspicuously incompetent advertising," the magazine said of the Democratic nominee's ads.

"The `kinder, gentler' George Bush was making Willie Horton (the prison furlough rapist) a household name," Adweek said of the Bush campaign.

Other ads singled out by the magazine included campaigns from Scotch Tape, Surf Detergent and Calvin Klein's Eternity.