Politically, it's not always a good idea for politicians to give themselves a raise. Just ask Congress. But chances are the 104 state representatives and senators in the 1989 Legislature won't be following Congress' example.

"It's probably not a good year to do it and it's probably not going to happen this year," said House Majority Leader Craig Moody, R-Sandy. "We don't want to confuse the issue with the congressional pay hikes."Those congressional pay hikes have prompted howls of protest from voters. But state lawmakers earn far less for government service: $65 a day, plus mileage and about $25 a day living expenses.

A committee had recommended the $65 a day salary be raised to $75. But Senate Majority Whip Dix McMullin, R-Sandy, said: "We'd take a lot of heat for just $10 a day if we raised our pay. I don't think it will go anywhere this year."