Rock superstar Mick Jagger convinced a jury he is not guilty of stealing his 1985 solo hit "Just Another Night" from a Jamaica-born reggae musician and declared that his "reputation is completely clear."

"It's been a wonderful week in White Plains (N.Y.)," a relieved Jagger told reporters with a broad smile after the verdict was read Tuesday in federal court in White Plains."My reputation is completely clear," said Jagger. "If you are well known, people will take shots at you. I don't think the song is similar to mine at all." He called the suit "pointless."

The federal jury rendered its verdict after nearly eight hours of deliberation in a suit filed by Patrick Alley, 37, a Jamaica-born Bronx musician who accused Jagger of writing "Just Another Night" after hearing a song with the same name that Alley wrote.

A juror said the jury was never in disagreement over a verdict.