A County Commission discussion last year on banning smoking in county buildings and vehicles has turned out to be more than just hot air after all.

Commissioners agreed to the ban, recommended by county Health Director Joseph Miner, last April. However, they're just now getting around to approving a resolution that will make the ban official."It's in practice pretty much already," Deputy County Attorney Michael Mack said. "It's good to get it on the books."

Commission Chairman Brent Morris said the resolution received preliminary approval last year but apparently was put on hold until after county offices were moved into the new government center. Final approval is scheduled for next Wednesday.

Miner told commissioners last year that proximity of smoking employees to non-smoking employees in county facilities is detrimental to the health of non-smokers.

According to the resolution, "It is the policy of Utah County to prohibit smoking anywhere inside any of the buildings and facilities operated by Utah County government. Smoking shall be permitted only in outdoor areas which are free of fire hazards."

The resolution also will prohibit smoking in government-owned vehicles and private vehicles used for government business if non-smokers are in the vehicles.

Commissioners admitted enforcing the smoking ban in vehicles will be difficult. "It would be hard, but it can be done," Commissioner Malcolm Beck said.

Department heads will be responsible for enforcing the policy.