Three Granger High School student body officers have been suspended from office for at least one term after admitting involvement in the theft of lunch tickets at the school.

Principal Dan Talbot said the incident apparently was a prank that occurred on the spur of the moment and is being treated as such."It was kind of a dare thing," Talbot said. "I think it is obvious that they were not trying to cheat the school."

Talbot said no effort was made to use the tickets, and they were voluntarily returned after it was discovered they were missing.

"We had begun asking around and shortly thereafter the tickets were returned," Talbot said.

"We hope as this gets out in the media that it can be a learning experience for the students involved as well as other students," Talbot said. "We hope that it will teach good lessons in responsibility and accountability."

In addition to the three student body officers, three to four other students were involved. All but one will enroll in a first-offender diversionary program that includes probation and counseling and will not result in a criminal record, police said. The other student will face felony theft charges in a juvenile court proceeding.

The tickets were missing for two to three weeks but were returned voluntarily and none were missing, Talbot said. He said the suspensions were levied in accordance with the school's constitution and it is anticipated the trio can return to office if they meet all other eligibility requirements at the end of the suspension period.

Three other student body officers will fill in during the interim.