Charges against a Sandy man investigated in connection with the so-called "Top Gun" robberies will be dismissed, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Dennis M. Stoker, 42, was charged Dec. 27 with the Nov. 14 robbery of an ice cream parlor at 2424 E. 70th South.The robbery was similar to 13 other holdups committed in November by a bandit wearing a "Top Gun" baseball cap.

Sheriff's detectives based the charge on witnesses' identification of Stoker's photograph. In a police lineup Jan. 4, four out of 16 other witnesses in the other robberies identified Stoker as the bandit.

But a search of Stoker's home and vehicle revealed no incriminating evidence, so detectives agreed not to arrest him pending further investigation, which turned up nothing.

Also, Stoker and his attorneys provided authorities with alibis.

"Everything they've given us confirms that (Stoker) could not have possibly been involved in these robberies," said Ernie Jones, deputy Salt Lake County attorney.

"Obviously, there's someone out there that looks a lot like him," said Jones of Stoker, who admittedly matches the description of the Top Gun bandit and even drives a car similar to the bandit's getaway car.