Senate:SB85 (Myrin) - Exempts private security companies from certain requirements of full-time employment law.

SB86 (Myrin) - Amends the fitness-only operation section of motor carrier act.

SB87 (Barlow) - Provides property tax relief for low income homeowners and renters.

SB88 (Black) - Changes the law on how bicycles are operated on the highways.

SB89 (Barton) - Prohibits all state agencies from competing with private enterprise.

SB90 (Farley) - Authorizes the Public Service Commission to order interim rate decreases.

SB91 (McMullin) - Allows school districts to use money from an authorized tax levy to build sidewalks.

SB92 (Finlinson) - Requires Senate and House candidates to file campaign financial disclosure statements as other state candidates do.

SB93 (Holmgren) - Allows the State Land Board to attach a fee onto grazing permits for weed control.

SB94 (Finlinson) - Creates a $250,000 fund to handle hazardous waste emergencies or natural disasters.

SB95 (Finlinson) - Allows the state to recover costs associated with cleaning up a hazardous waste spill.

SB96 (Finlinson) - Allows the state to certify people in safe drinking water procedures.

SB97 (Barton) - Reduces the minimum corporate income tax from $100 to $50.


HB85 (Stephens) - Prohibits the imposition of a utility franchise tax on the state, its agencies or any political subdivision.

HB86 (Burningham) - Changes the composition of the State Library Board and clarifies certain responsibilities.

HB87 (Oscarson) - Allows agencies to retain a percentage of any unexpended and unencumbered appropriations remaining at the end of the fiscal year.

HB88 (R. Evans) - Requires one member of the Board of Regents to be appointed from nominations from staff associations and one member from nominations from the faculty senate.

HB89 (Bishop) - Creates an Office of Antiquities and establishes standards and procedures for taking inventory and excavating artifacts on state lands.

HB90 (Knowlton) - Establishes additional homeowner and renters tax relief through the adjustment of income and credit levels (circuit breaker).

HB91 (Bishop) - Provides exemptions to the requirement that a portion of career ladders money be spent for performance bonuses or to advance teachers on the basis of effective teaching performance.

HB92 (Lewis) - Provides an income tax credit for sales tax paid on food and non-perscription medicine.

HB93 (Waddoups) - Makes it so holidays falling on a Saturday will be observed on Friday.

HB94 (White) - Appropriates $63,000 to the governor's Commission on the Status of Women.

HB95 (Lewis) - Amends the general interest statute of the Utah Procurement Code.

HB96 (Oscarson) - Establishes procedures and requirements for parental commitment of minors to secure psychiatric facilities.

HB97 (Milner) - Prohibits the transportation of domestic animals in an unsafe manner.

HB98 (Tuttle) - Amends the definition of marijuana.

HB99 (Nix) - Reduces the highest income tax rate over a number of years.

HB100 (Nix) - Changes the definition of state taxable income to that of federally adjusted gross income.

HB101 (Nix) - Removes the sales tax from food.

HB102 (Nix) - Provides for a check-off on the state income tax return for certain educational purposes.

HB103 (Milner) - Amends certain provisions concerning definitions of assault and aggravated assault.

HB104 (LaBaron) - Amends the power of the Utah Statehood Centennial Commission, and appropriates $1,000 to the commission.

HB105 (Milner) - Amends the definition of lewdness.

HB106 (Rush) - Changes the years in which elections are held for local school board members.

HB107 (Knowlton) - Establishes elected assessor certification requirements.

HB108 (White) - Amends the allocation of fees and expenses relating to determination of mental competency of criminal defendants.

HB109 (Brown) - Requires institutions to obtain permission of appropriate municipal government before receiving animals for scientific experimentation.

HB110 (H.C. Moody) - Expands the definition of "campaign period."

HB111 (R.M. Evans) - Allows taxis, buses and limousines to obtain special use permits for the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

HB112 (M. Brown) - Authorizes law enforcement agencies to given unclaimed stolen bicycles to charitable organizations.

HB113 (Bishop) - Requires pledges from presidential electors and provides remedies when an elector violates his pledge.

HB114 (Halverson) - Creates a Small-Business Linked Deposit Program and provides various procedures in obtaining loans from financial institutions.

HB115 (Bishop) - Clarifies definitions and authority of the State Retirement Office.

HB116 (Bishop) - Establishes eligibility requirements for coverage under the Public Safety Retirement System.

HB117 (Bishop) - Allows the purchase of service credit earned while on a leave of absence.

HB118 (Bishop) - Amends the definition of "final average salary" in the public safety and firefighter retirement systems for purposes of uniformity and equity.

HB119 (Bishop) - Establishes restrictions on the post-retirement employment of public employees.

HB120 (H.C. Moody) - Reduces the minimum basic tax rate for school districts.

HB121 (B.A. Evans) - Requires the payment of oil, gas and mining royalties be made within 90 days.

HB122 (B.A. Evans) - Amends the final tax sale redemption period for oil and gas company property.

HB123 (B.A. Evans) - Establishes oil and gas severance tax rates based on the price of oil or gas.

HB124 (B.A. Evans) - Creates an escrow account within the general fund for the deposit of disputed oil severance tax revenues.