Dr. Kevin Havlik was a last-minute fill-in on a special rafting trip for diabetic children, sponsored by S'PLORE, a group that provides outdoor experiences for people with disabilities.

When he agreed to drop everything and go, no one realized that the spur-of-the-moment decision would evolve into years of dedicated service - and fun."Havlik had such a good experience that he did several more trips with S'PLORE," said member Carol Majeske. "Then he requested time off from his medical internship at the University of Utah to work for a month with the group. During that time, he did an independent study on wilderness medicine."

Since then, the doctor has referred other people with disabilities to the group, volunteered for other trips (including organizing trips for those with spina bifida and cystic fibrosis), served as a guide and has even been a fund-raiser. In 1987, he was chairman of the board of directors for S'PLORE.

"We've never had anyone who has done all those things," Majeske said. "He's really something special."