The Salt Lake City Council has focused its vision on downtown planning by unanimously passing the Downtown Master Plan Tuesday night.

The plan will, in its own words, "articulate the vision of downtown with its essential goals and objectives to direct the future of downtown."Calling Utah's capital city downtown "the central place" in the Mountain West, the master plan sets out objectives leading toward a comprehensive development plan.

"It's successes affect the quality of life of persons living in seven states and up to 500 miles from its core," the plan reads.

Developing a regional consensus and commitment among political, financial and private leaders to downtown growth are some of the plan's goals, the master plan said.

The plan, actually only in its first phase now, is intentionally vague so as to encourage development of a consensus among major downtown players, city planning officials have said.

Once a consensus is developed, more specific implementation plans will be prepared, planners said.