The Davis school board wants the Utah School Board Association to establish a commission to study teacher salaries in the state.

The school board approved a resolution calling for the commission Tuesday night by a 4-1 vote.Board Member Ray Briscoe said he asked the board's support to add more "umph" to proposal he wants to present at the next USBA meeting Friday morning. Briscoe said that he wants a independent commission of corporate executives and private individuals to study just how critical teacher salaries are in the state.

He said he doesn't think a 3 percent increase in school budgets proposed by some legislators will address the needs of teachers but wants the commission to make an independent judgment. Under Briscoe's plan the commission would make their findings available before the Legislature closes its current session.

Board Member Robert Thurgood opposed the resolution.

"The Legislature has gotten the message to be more responsible. Three percent is responsible. We don't want to fuel a fire that we just put out in November," Thurgood said, referring to the tax initiatives.

Briscoe told Thurgood that the commission could find that teacher salaries are suitable at present, or they need an increase larger than the 3 percent currently proposed. Whatever the recommendation, the Legislature would still have the final say, he said.