An aide to Dan Quayle asked the Republican National Committee for "a very large amount" to help defray the cost of the vice president-elect's Christmas-week vacation in Vail, Colo., and the party authorized $25,000 for non-personal expenses, party officials said Wednesday.

Quayle's spokesman, David Beckwith, said an aide had made an unauthorized estimate of vacation expenses of $65,000.All of the Quayle family's direct expenses, including airline tickets, hotel and food bills, were paid from their personal funds, Beckwith told The Associated Press.

A party source, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed that RNC Chairman Frank Fahrenkopf had told The Washington Post that the original request for assistance was for "a very large amount" and "was not something I thought we could do."

In a statement issued by his office Wednesday, Fahrenkopf said, "The Republican National Committee is glad it can help out the Republican vice president-elect with what I and the budget committee consider to be reasonable expenses."

The chairman added that "we are proud to provide the $25,000 funding during Dan Quayle's transition now that he is elected and we will be proud to continue to provide the substantial support the RNC traditionally provides the president and vice president after they take office."

No money has yet been paid out.

The statement said Fahrenkopf and the budget committee on Dec. 15 authorized use of $25,000 "to cover expenses incurred by the vice president-elect that he would not otherwise incur as a private citizen between Dec. 15 and Jan. 20."