- HUGHES MARTIN - It was choice not education that swayed Hughes Martin into photography. He studied drafting, but loved photography.

After graduating in 1982 with a degree in mechanical engineering, he moved to Aspen and then Telluride, both Colorado ski areas, where he applied his talent for skiing with an interest in photography.The year he spent in Telluride, he started shooting ski pictures for profit. Because of the remoteness of the ski area, however, it was difficult.

So, three years ago he moved to Park City and two years ago he chose to go into photography full time. He said it's something he wanted to do and something he loves doing.

"Since then it's been great," he admitted. "It's all come together, although I'm doing less ski photography and shooting more in other areas, mostly sports, right now."

Martin has had pictures on the cover of Skiing magazine, had the cover of on the 1987-88 Utah Ski Vacation Planner. He has also had numerous photos in magazines for ski clothing and equipment manufacturers.

- LORI ADAMSKI-PEEK - It was because of art that Lori Adamski-Peek got into photography. While working for a degree in art, Adamski-Peek took some photography classes. Instructors discovered that she had an eye for good pictures and encouraged her to go on.

And she did. And now her works can be seen in most major magazines. She is, too, the official photographer for the U.S. Ski Team in Park City.

She starting shooting ski pictures early in her career. In the last two to three years, however, her field of expertise has expanded.

"Lately, I've been doing shoots all over the world. I don't get as much of a chance as I'd like to shoot right here in Utah. This is a fantastic place to shoot and there is a lot of interest with agencies in Japan and New York for good ski photos," she said.

Recently she completed a three-week shoot in Colorado and Utah for a poster and ads for Kodak. Chances are if it's a ski pictures tied in with Kodak, then Adamski-Peek likely shot it. This year she also had a cover shot on Time magazine.

Among the magazines she's had photos appear in are Ski, Skiing, Powder, Cosmopolitan, Time, Newsweek and Sports Illustrated.

- SCOTT MARKEWITZ started his photography career on the other end of the lens.

Actually, he started out as a freestyle skier and at one point was on the pro mogul circuit. It was there top photographers asked if he'd be interested in modeling. He did, for about five years.

"Being on the other end of the camera like that, and working with some of the best photographers in the business, I learned a lot," he recalled.

"For a long time it was just a hobby with me. Then I decided to get into it myself."

He still does some modeling, but prefers to be the one behind the camera.

Especially when he gets shoots like the one he just returned from in the Soviet Union. It was, he said, to do a story on a new ski resort that is opening up there.

"It was a very nice ski area, very nice. We got to get away from the area, however, and see how the people were living and that was not very nice," he added.

The Salt Lake City photographer has had pictures on the cover of Powder and Skiing, and photos in most of the other magazines dealing with skiing.