Here are some tips for shooting ski photos.1. Make sure you are close enough to the skier. It may look like it without the camera, but in the camera you may be too far away to pick up any detail.

2. On bright sunny days, shoot mornings and evenings and put the camera away in the afternoons. Morning and evening sun is not as harsh as the mid-day sun and makes for better pictures.

3. Don't be afraid to shoot on cloudy, overcast or snowy days.

Some of the most dramatic pictures come from shooting under those conditions.

4. Watch the lighting. Make sure that it compliments the person or scene you are shooting. You can shoot into the sun or have it over your shoulder if you plan for it. You can control the light.

5. Remember that on bright, sunny days the sun reflects off the snow and can give a false reading into the camera. Expose 21/2 stops over the snow reading. Or better yet, take a seperate light reading off a neutral flesh tone, ski parka or blue sky.

6. Dress more warmly on days you plan to shoot. You won't be moving around as much and therefore need more warmth, especially for the hands.

7. Spend some time with your camera. Get used to it. Get to know it so that when a picture becomes available you're not fooling around with setting, lens covers and straps.

8. The only way you can really learn to shoot is by shooting.

Take as many pictures as you can, under all kinds of conditions.

9. Be aware of your background. Don't just shoot, but look and see what background the subject will be pictured in. It might pay to shoot in another direction to get the right background.

10. Make sure you have the equipment you need to take the picture you want. Also, make sure it is being carried safely and properly. Many photographers use backpacks, while some use special camera bags they can strap around their waist.