Teenagers coming to Provo this summer to participate in Brigham Young University programs will be able to stay in the Riviera and Glenwood apartments.

The City Council recently amended Provo's land-use code to allow an educational institution with on-campus dormitories to use adjacent apartments as overflow housing for summer youth programs.The amended code says the apartments must be within 600 feet of campus boundaries and can be used only for transient lodging, for up to three months a year, said Leland Gammette, Provo's community development director. A $100 conditional-use permit will be required each year.

City officials, the Hotel/Motel Association of Utah County, Riviera and Glenwood owners and BYU officials have worked for four months to clarify the land-use agreement.

The hotel association went to the city Planning Commission in August with concerns that apartments renting rooms to visitors would take away hotel business.

"Our initial concern was that it would take away business, but the ordinance is drafted in such a way that it caters solely to spinoffs from the university's youth program," said David Gardner, a consultant for the Hotel/Motel Association of Utah County.

"We're pleased with it. It doesn't cut off our business because they don't stay in hotels anyway."

Dave Freeman, an owner and manager of the Riviera and Glenwood apartments, said: "There was no problem with what we were doing. They were just concerned over potential abuses."