The numbers of hogs and pigs on Utah farms increased 27 percent in 1988 over the previous year, and the estimated 33,000 head was a 32-percent increase over the 1986 level, officials said.

The Utah Agricultural Statistics Service says the breeding hog inventory at 5,000 head was 1,000 head above the 1986 level, while market hog inventory jumped 6,000 head to 28,000 hogs.Utah's pig crop for 1988 totaled 46,000 head, up 35 percnt from the 1987 crop. The total number of sows farrowing for 1988 was 5,900, which was 34 percent higher than the previous year.

The average litter size of 7.6 pigs was down slightly from 7.7 pigs per litter the pervious year, the agency said.

The average value per head at $69.50, however, was a decrease from the 1987 level of $84. Utah's total hog inventory in 1988 was valued at $2.3 million, compared to the 1987 level of $2.3 million.

The statistics service said the decrease in the value per head was more Than offset by the increase in inventory numbers.