There are times when Dale Andersen Asay, Cottonwood Heights, Salt Lake County, has wished he had a different name - but particularly when some people recently wondered if he were involved in a morals charge.

Asay, 37, 7429 Rich Way, a history teacher for 61/2 years at Bingham Middle School in Copperton, was not involved in such a charge.Only his middle initial and age are different from those of another man, Dale B. Asay, 31, 5631 S. Lolene Way, Kearns, a former West Lake Junior High School teacher and coach, who was recently ordered by the 3rd Circuit Court to serve half of a 180-day jail term after pleading no contest to lewdness charges. Dale B. Asay entered the plea after being accused of fondling a 14-year-old female student at West Lake.

Dale A. Asay, who was born in Richfield and reared there and in Provo and Bountiful, said news reports about Dale B. Asay's sentencing on the lewdness charge caused him considerable embarrassment.

"I've had a number of inquiries asking if I was the person involved, or have been the object of negative comments," Dale A. Asay said. The teacher said he has never met the man who had the brush with the law. But he said he and the other man each have experienced problems with mail delivery, telephone calls and University of Utah grade transcripts.

"My main concern is with former (LDS Church) bishops and college and high school classmates," said Dale A. Asay.

Bingham Middle School Principal N.J. Tullos said the situation facing Asay can cause problems for people in public education or other employment. The principal said Dale A. Asay is an excellent teacher. He said faculty members at the school are aware of the situation.

Tullos said Dale A. Asay "is beyond reproach as far as integrity, honesty and actions with students."

Since experiencing the identification problem, Dale A. Asay said he has learned that three other individuals, two of whom work at Bingham Middle School, have had similar difficulties connected with their names.

One man was contacted by mistake regarding non-payment for child support, and another person experienced credit problems. Asay said he also has heard of an individual in his neighborhood, who because of the similarity in his and another individual's name, was denied credit.