Sandy's request for annexation into the Metropolitan Water District of Salt Lake was approved Monday during a special meeting of the MWD board.

The district board listed a number of conditions that will be required of Sandy before it can annex, including a stipulation that the proposition be approved by Sandy residents in an election.Other conditions require Sandy to finance some major capital improvements to district facilities, including a $6.4 million expansion of the water treatment plant in Parleys Canyon. Sandy is also to pay all of the expenses it incurs preparing for its annexation into the water district, including new pipelines and distribution facilities that would connect Sandy's water system to the district's treatment plant in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Sandy Mayor Steve Newton said city officials had already decided to put the annexation plan to a vote. That election was originally scheduled Feb. 7, but the election may be delayed, he said, pending the disposition of a lawsuit the city filed in 3rd District Court against the Salt Lake County Water Conservancy District. "We want to proceed with it posthaste," Newton said. "We hope to have a court decision within 30 days."

Sandy tried several months ago to de-annex from the county district but was turned down. The lawsuit is the result of Newton's displeasure with the conservancy district's denial of the de-annexation request, its construction of a new $7.4 million office complex and various operating procedures.

If Sandy can't find a way out of the county district its residents would pay taxes to both the conservancy district and Metropolitan Water District if the annexation is completed.

Metropolitan Water District attorney Joe Novak said the lawsuit would not slow down the deal between Sandy and his water district.