Bills introduced:

SENATE:SB67 (C.E. Peterson) - Makes technical changes in the Utah Code.

SB68 (Swan) - Removes the Committee of Consumer Services from the Division of Public Utilities, changing membership and the appointment of its executive secretary.

SB69 (Barlow) - Makes it a crime to steal cable television services.


HB70 (Wasden) - Provides for the state auditor to select public accountants to audit school districts through a competitive bidding process and requires school districts to pay for the audit.

HB71 (Protzman) - Makes it against the law to use an automated telemarketing system to select and dial telephone numbers and then play a recorded message to sell property, goods or services.

HB72 (Halverson) - Repeals the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission.

HB73 (Wasden, Atkinson, Frandsen, M. Brown) - Calls for $1.64 million to construct the Jordan River Boulevard to connect West Jordan and Midvale at about 70th South.

HB74 (Harward) - Clarifies language in the state's business tax laws.

HB75 (Tuttle) - Authorizes the Division of Parks and Recreation to sell or dispose of buffalo on Antelope Island through competitive bidding and then provides for those revenues to be used to manage the herd.

HB76 (Lewis) - Disallows appeals of local planning and zoning commissions to the Board of Adjustment unless the legislative body of the municipality has designated that as the proper appellate body.

HB77 (Smedley) - Provides that a beekeeping operation may qualify as a nuisance.

HB78 (Bain) - Amends the property that is subject to eminent domain actions.

HB79 (Frandsen) - Provides that the Health Department license only intermediate-care facilities for the mentally retarded that meet specified criteria.

HB80 (Rush) - Authorizes the executive director of the Department of Social Services to designate state hospital security personnel as special function officers.

HB81 (Nix) 0 Exempts candidates in county elections who must submit financial statements to the lieutenant governor.

HB82 (Rose) - Repeals the State House Fellows Program.

HB83 (Rose, Fawson) - Requires hospitals to itemize billing statements to patients.

HB84 (Christensen) - Modifies the classification of theft as a third-degree felony.

HR2 (Milner) - Encourages the governor to appoint Hispanics to juvenile court judgeships and encourages the employment of Hispanics in the juvenile corrections system.

HR3 (Bishop) - Revises House rules.

HJR7 (Bishop) - Revises joint rules of the Legislature.