To the editor:

To the establishment club (consisting largely of members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission), real free enterprise based on productivity is irrelevant. It does not fit into their plans for the concentration and control of profit and political power.It should not surprise us that members of this group, which controls our State Department, are falling all over themselves to put together all manner of joint ventures and business deals with the leaders of the Soviet Union.

The hidden design is the construction of a global political condominium by U.S. financiers and the Kremlin. Wall Street maximizes its profits and the Communist Party of the Soviet Union maintains its dictatorship.

In short, the purpose of the current detente offensive is twofold. First, it is a means to promote a broad array of financial and commercial relations between American business and the Kremlin which will keep the Soviet empire afloat and communists in power.

Of course, this building of communism is underwritten by U.S. taxpayers. Thus, we continue to finance our enemy with aid and credits.

Second, this detente is a means to promote cultural change in the United States in order to so alter our traditional pro-freedom way of life that a merging of the American and Soviet systems can occur.

The alteration of our traditional way of life can only proceed through a process in which the perception of threat posed by communism is lowered to the point where the American people no longer resist long-range programs for collectivism at home.

This treasonous merging will result in a Soviet-style dictatorship for the United States with a resulting loss of individual liberty as our Constitution is scraped for a system of government where the state is supreme power.

Dr. Adrian L. Arp

Twin Falls, Idaho