Wanna get your kid into the movies?

Here's your chance, if your son or daughter meets the qualifications."Wait Until Spring, Bandini," about Italian immigrants who come to America in 1936 and settle in Utah, will be shot locally, with Faye Dunaway and Joe Montegna starring. Francis Coppola is executive producer.

Cate Praggastis of Take One Casting said an open call will be held Monday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. in the Red Lion Hotel, Salon No. 3, for roles in the film that require a pre-teen or young teenage boy and girl. Each child will need a photograph, but they needn't be professional pictures, any photo will do.

The boy should be about 12 years old, Italian-looking, but not necessarily of Italian descent, and he will not have to speak Italian. He should have dark hair, fairly dark skin and brown eyes.

The girl, also around 12, needs to be a stunning blonde with a very expressive face.

Filmmakers have already looked at 150 to 200 youngsters in the Hollywood community and have been unable to find what they were looking for.