One of Salt Lake City's landmarks, the 130-foot steel pylon at the World Motor Hotel, 1900 S. State, is coming down.

The motel, the Restaurant Teogra and gift shop have been sold to a neighbor, O.C. Tanner Co., which will turn the four-acre site into a parking lot for company employees. Terms of the cash transaction were not announced.Alternately flashing "motel" and "hotel," the sign was a landmark for the 210-room motel and restaurant. The first 60 rooms of the Best Western affiliate motel were opened in 1960 and the other rooms were added 10 years ago, said Roy Menlove, an investor in the selling group and motel manager.

"O.C. Tanner made an offer and although the motel was in tiptop shape, the economic picture said sell," said Menlove. Menlove Construction Co. built the motel and it has been owned by Investor Cooperative Inc., which is primarily comprised of the Menlove family.

At the time the motel opened, Menlove said it was only deluxe motel in the city, but now times have changed and the city is overbuilt with deluxe motels.

Menlove said the motel closed Dec. 31 and 50 employees were laid off.

Lowell Benson, executive vice president for Tanner, said the space will be turned into a parking lot as quickly as demolition permits are obtained from Salt Lake City. While the space was acquired for possible future expansion, Benon said there are no plans on the drawing board for such a move.