A $100,000 wrongful death lawsuit filed against Cache County in connection with a suicide in the county jail has been dismissed by U.S. District Judge David Sam, officials say.

Sheriff Sid Groll said although he was pleased that the jailers have been exonerated, "I feel sad for the family and I wish we could have done more under the circumstances."Ki Soo and Rang Yae Kim of Hyrum filed the suit claiming the suicide of their 19-year-old son, Chang Kun Kim, could have been avoided. Authorities said the youth hanged himself in a jail cell on Nov. 13, 1985.

Kim was arrested one day earlier on charges of theft. The suit said that he was "frightened, scared and emotionally unstable" and that his condition should have been observed by jailers.

Jimi Mitsunaga, a Salt Lake attorney representing the Kim family, also claimed in the suit that the jail failed to meet federal guidelines.

Groll said county officials had tried twice to convince local voters of the need for a larger jail, but they turned down two proposed bond issues.