Taxes are likely to dominate debate during the 1989 Legislature, but other issues to be considered will included:

-An increase in the property tax break for the handicapped, poor and elderly residents, commonly called "circuit breaker relief."

-A long-term master plan for economic development. The governor's office feels it already has a master plan, but the plan is only for thre or four years down the road, House Minority Whip Frank Pignanelli said.

Democrats have prepared a bill calling for a master plan looking 10 years and longer down the road. "We have a good short-term program, but there is a need for the long range," he ssaid. "Several experts have testified of a need for such a plan."

-A number of AIDS bills, includeing one bill to deal with mandatory testing fo prison inmates and confidentiality of records.

-Pay raises for the Utah Highway Patrol to make the agency's pay scale competitive with highway patrols in neighboring states.

-How to deal with a growing crisis in rural utah over the treatment of waste water.

-How to fund the I-15 corridor expansion, as well as construction on the West Valley Highway.

-A major anti-smoking bill would increase the age to purchase cigarettes from 19 to 21, eliminate cigarettes from vending machines and prohibit teachers from smoking on school grounds.