President Reagan raised his bandaged left hand to reporters as he pronounced himself "fine" after successful surgery to correct a curvature of his left ring finger.

Reagan returned to the White House from Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Sunday, a day after undergoing surgery that lasted just under three hours.The president, accompanied by first lady Nancy Reagan, lifted his left hand, with a bulky bandage on it, as he stepped out of the emergency entrance of the hospital in northwest Washington.

Asked how he felt, he replied, "Fine," in a vigorous, booming voice. After raising his bandaged left hand, he waved with his right.

The operation was to alleviate a worsening condition known as Dupuytren's contracture, which caused the president's fingers to curve inward in a claw-like configuration.

Dr. John Hutton, the White House physician, said last week the operation would not interfere with the president's performance of his duties.

In a statement after the operation on Saturday, White House spokesman Marlin Fitzwater described the surgery as "successfully completed."